Only One Day To Go …

Until the effstopeyes show at the Forum, Norwich. 

I have some work in the show, along with the rest of the group. The effstopeyes blog can be found here.

I expect even I will be able to see the Fusion screen. 😉 Stella has her diamante collar ready for the Private View and accompanying shindig tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, as it will not only be the groups’ first big show but also the first time Stella and I will be going to a big event as a fully qualified partnership. Excitement and butterflies in equal measure.


The weather is nasty today

We’ve had horrible snow – meaning, not nice fluffy clean stuff, but nasty, squashed, packed down, grey, slushy, yellow-where-dogs-have-peed-on-it snow – for the last few days. As a result my fibromyalgia has gotten into even higher gear than usual. Thus my photographic inspiration is somewhat lacking and my interest in hot chocolate laced with Baileys is high !